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About Us

I, myself am strange and unusual

Behind KIPKALINKA is the goldsmith Christine Kipka from Leipzig. Christine has made it her mission to create unique jewelry for discerning, exceptional people. The purpose is to elegantly and distinctively express their uniqueness and spiritual depth. Christine focuses on the minute details in her work, because only by looking very carefully can we truly see the secrets in ourselves and the world.

All I can honestly say is that this artist, with her care and passion and above and beyond service, had renewed my faith in artistic connection online. I got way more than I paid for and feel I made a connection with a true artist I am proud to say I OWN one of her pieces! The ring surpassed all expectations and the service was like that of a long time friend. THANK YOU for making this one of my favorite transactions to date! You like your one of a kind!

Chadington Von Lichtenstein on 30 Mar, 2015

"The pendant is by far(!) the best looking and best quality skull I found in years. Beautifully crafted by hand and so much nicer than overpriced ‚jewelry‘ from Thomas Sabo and alike. I highly recommend buying from this shop if you are looking for outstanding quality at a price you won’t find anywhere else. Plus: the artist and owner is super nice!"

Cherry C. on 20 Mar, 2015

This is the most beautiful and perfect engagement ring I could ever imagine. I am so in love with it that I can't stop looking at it. I am more than happy that we chose this unique, elegant and rocking piece of craftmanship. Christine is not only an incredible talented goldsmith, she also is more than helpful and kind person that provides an awesome customer service and answers every question you have.

Jen K. on 03 November 2016

I'd been wanting one of the 💀 rings for years and I finally got one this year. I'm made up. I have the double skull in silver with moissanite stone and I love the way that it's been made with the same skills, care and attention if the more expensive metals and stones. The detail is amazing, I'm sooooooo happy. Thank you Christine

Carol W. 23 January 2020

The most beautiful ring i ever saw! and it`s mine :-) I can only recommend Christine to everyone. She is doing quality work and do all to make the customer happy. Beautiful amazing details make it perfect. And it was the best decision to choose white gold and black and white diamonds...i love the sparkling. Thank you and i will come back ofc

Petra B. on 03 October 2018

Absolutely gorgeous. I bought this ring for my wife and I think that I am actually more excited than she is to finally see it. The quality and level of precise craftsmanship put into this ring is out of this world. You can tell that the jeweler really pours her heart and soul into her products. The wait was well worth it as I had this ring custom made to fit my wife's small 3.5 ring size. The customer service was excellent and all of my questions were answered in a timely manner. Kipkalinka is the real deal and she is a true master of the art. [...] I searched far and wide and am glad that my search ended here. I couldn't be more happy. I am forever grateful Kipkalinka!

Joshua B. on 21 December 2016

This is my 3rd purchase from Christine and I am never disappointed... evey piece I have receievd is truly a work of art!! Aside from that the communication is always pleasant and she is so easy to talk to... I love my new ring and I will definently be back for more!

Ashlyn T. on 14 May 2020

We are currently in the works of our custom engagement ring. It can be nerve wracking ordering anything customized and Christine has put my mind at ease. She is an absolute professional & perfectionist, like myself. I've rarely encountered such detailed communication and customer service. I encourage anyone currently shopping for any skull engagement/wedding rings to patron this wonderful shop.

Sivine L. on 22 February 2018

I truly had the most amazing experience when we purchased my Wandika engagement ring from Christine! I had no idea about rings at all and Christine was SO helpful and kind from the very first time I messaged her. She was SO wonderful in helping me select the best ring, material and stone suited to me. The ring is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined, it is just stunning and everything I ever could have wished for! I have tiny hands and this ring isn’t too bulky but also not TOO small, I feel so incredibly proud and beautiful wearing it. You’d think buying such an important ring online could be pretty scary when you’ve never tried it on, but I just knew deep down it felt so right. It arrived from Germany to Australia in just three days, wow! Thank you Christine, from the bottom of my heart. 🖤💀

Jaz N. on 06 March 2021

Christine is hands down a world class jeweler who is a joy to work with!

Jeff W. on 05 April 2016

Magical Symbols

For Christine, jewelry is more than just shiny metal and sparkling gemstones - in her view, it fulfills important symbolic, even magical functions. From ancient times, stories and myths have evolved around rings with special properties - as amulets they bring luck, grant protection, serve to fulfill wishes, love, and loyalty. Precious metals and gemstones have protective and healing properties, but it is the owner's interpretation that gives the piece its true meaning. When you say "This piece symbolizes for me...," it becomes your own personal talisman.


Jewelry from KIPKALINKA should bring out your innermost shine. The individual choice of materials and gemstones is meant to reflect your personal tastes, as Christine knows how much a custom piece of jewelry can mean to you, or as a seal of love between two people. Details are not trivialities for her, but make up the essence of the piece of jewelry. The extraordinary precision and care distinguish her jewelry from ordinary mass-produced products. The premise of her work is durability and sustainability.


Every piece can be made in 935 silver, as well as in all gold alloys or 950 platinum. The precious metals used are 97% sustainably recovered from scrap jewelry. Through cooperation with a certified refinery, the purity of the recovered precious metals is guaranteed. The workmanship is just as high quality as the materials. KIPKALINKA jewelry is 100% handcrafted using traditional goldsmithing techniques in our Leipzig workshop.

Deeper Meaning

Mysticism, myths, and magic have surrounded Christine since childhood. Her interest in beauty and symbolism in words and images led her to study art history, astrology, and Slavic literature. Gemstones are her specialty. Her fascination with all things precious from the earth probably comes from the fact that she comes from a family of miners. As an Asperger's autistic, she has an unusual fascination with detail and precision. She considers her work to be in the tradition of mythical sorcerers - craftsmen with extraordinary skills who bestowed supernatural powers on amulets, rings, and royal regalia. She has dedicated many of her works to goddesses and legendary figures. You can read their stories in the KIPKALINKA newsletter. Sign up below and never miss another one!

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