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MORENA SELBDRITT - Ring with Three Small Skulls

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MORENA SELBDRITT is a delicate 925 silver ring with our three smallest skulls.

The black diamonds in the eyes of the middle skull are optional.

It is perfectly matched as a set to our KITSUNE ring.

The ring is made especially for you in our workshop in Leipzig.


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Additional information


925 silver

Fabrication time

2 - 3 weeks


Finely polished


MORENA is the black goddess in Slavic mythology and is associated with winter, night, and death. However, at the beginning of spring, she changes her shape and thus brings new life. To this day, the custom of burning a straw doll symbolizing Morena to drive out winter is practiced in Poland.

SELBDRITT is an old German word and simply means, "in a group of three".

  • our three smallest skulls
  •  Lovingly polished by hand



Dimensions of the skulls 5.5 x 4.3 mm / 5 x 3.3 mm
Height of the ring 2.8 mm
Ring head width 10 mm
Ring rail 2 - 2.5 mm wide, 1.7 mm thick

Care instructions

High-quality jewellery needs to be treated and cared for with care. If you follow these simple instructions, it will give you pleasure for a very long time.

  • It is better to take off your jewellery when working around the house and garden or when doing sports.
  • Do not bring it into contact with household chemicals such as cleaning products, perfumes, hairspray or creams, as they leave behind impurities and discolouration.
  • Store your jewellery separately in small boxes; this prevents scratching each other.
  • Use warm water with washing-up liquid and a soft toothbrush to remove coarse dirt.
  • Remove oxidation with a silver polishing cloth to make your jewellery shine again.

Fabrication and shipping

After your order, we will make the ring especially for you in our workshop in Leipzig.

The production takes about 4 weeks, shipping only 1-2 days.

The delivery takes place against signature and you will receive a consignment number.

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