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KITSUNE - Bone ring with opal


KITSUNE is a delicate silver ring in the shape of a bone. I have only a small number of these beautiful Australian opals in stock, which I incorporate into these rings.

Miniatures is my whole love. I forge each ring specially to order and promise you that it will accompany you for a very long time.

KITSUNE wears beautifully as a set with our small MORENA ring.


In stock

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Additional information


925 silver

Fabrication time

3 - 4 weeks


Finely polished


KITSUNE are messengers of the Japanese goddess Inari. They are hybrids of humans and foxes and are considered lucky charms. They can fly and change their shape. They are friendly to humans and sometimes even enter into romantic relationships with them.

The kitsune inspired us to create this delicate silver ring. The shape comes from a real fox bone.

Its ends hold a genuine Australian opal. Each of these gems is different and I am very happy to have found some such small specimens. Such a small cut is exceptional in these gemstones.

This shimmering blue gemstone is lovingly set by hand for you.

  • one domed opal with 3 mm diameter
  •  Lovingly polished by hand
  • the ring is made to order for you

KITSUNE wears beautifully as a set with our small MORENA ring.

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Height of the ring 4.5 mm
Ring head width 12 mm
Ring rail 1.8 - 2 mm wide, 2 mm thick
Gemstone  3 mm round, domed

Care instructions

High-quality jewellery needs to be treated and cared for with care. If you follow these simple instructions, it will give you pleasure for a very long time.

  • It is better to take off your jewellery when working around the house and garden or when doing sports.
  • Do not bring it into contact with household chemicals such as cleaning products, perfumes, hairspray or creams, as they leave behind impurities and discolouration.
  • Store your jewellery separately in small boxes; this prevents scratching each other.
  • Use warm water with washing-up liquid and a soft toothbrush to remove coarse dirt.
  • Remove oxidation with a silver polishing cloth to make your jewellery shine again.

Fabrication and shipping

After your order, we will make the ring especially for you in our workshop in Leipzig.

Production takes about 3 weeks, shipping within Germany only 1-2 days.


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