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MEMENTO MORI - Hoops with Skulls

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MEMENTO MORI are subtle earrings for daily wear.

Their tiny details and clever mechanics will amaze you.

Each pair of earrings is hand made and polished for you.

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Additional information

Fabrication time

2 - 3 weeks


finely polished, oxidized


925 silver


Single, Pair


MEMENTO MORI means, "Remember that you will die." Depending on the view of the times, it has been interpreted as a call to godliness or pleasure. I see reflection on Memento Mori as a daily exercise in becoming aware of what is really important in your life.

These understated silver hoop earrings are perfect for everyday wear and will remind you of what really matters to you every time you look in the mirror.

  • The detailed skull forms the clever closure
  • Created and polished by hand


Diameter approx. 23 mm (outside)
Post thickness 1.3 - 2 mm
Skull size 4.5 x 5.5 mm

Care instructions

High-quality jewellery needs to be treated and cared for with care. If you follow these simple instructions, it will give you pleasure for a very long time.

  • It is better to take off your jewellery when working around the house and garden or when doing sports.
  • Do not bring it into contact with household chemicals such as cleaning products, perfumes, hairspray or creams, as they leave behind impurities and discolouration.
  • Store your jewellery separately in small boxes; this prevents scratching each other.
  • Use warm water with washing-up liquid and a soft toothbrush to remove coarse dirt.
  • Remove oxidation with a silver polishing cloth to make your jewellery shine again.

Fabrication and shipping

After your order, we will custom make the earrings especially for you in our Leipzig workshop.

The fabrication takes about 2 - 3 weeks, the shipping takes about 2-4 days.

The delivery takes place against signature and you will receive a consignment number.

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